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So I’ve just launched my nice new shiny website and thought it was about time I had nice new shiny blog to go with it…..so guess what?…..  Yep, you guessed it (clever you!!!) – this is my new blog page

As this is my first blog it took me a while to decide what to write (in fact this is my 6th attempt!!) however I finally settled on a simple introduction to Teardrop Photography and me, Darren Facinelli (LMPA).  Subsequent posts will be focused around getting to know me a little more, showcasing more of my work and also as a way of providing useful information (or at least I hope it will be!!) to my amazing clients to help them have the best wedding possible

So I guess that’s on to me then….. Well I’m Darren Facinelli (LMPA) married father of 2 gorgeous boys and the proud owner and photographer at Teardrop Photography – Although I’ve always had an interest in photography, art and design I left colleague and went straight into sales.  Throughout my time in sales I was never happy and my passion for photography was always there in the background, more as a hobby than anything else.  However this all changed 7 years ago when my first son was born, as this really sparked my passion for photography – being the typical proud father and taking pictures at every opportunity.  However it was more than just being a typical proud dad, I loved photography and knew this was what I wanted to do……..and the rest as they say is history

I started plotting and planning, investing in equipment, taking countless training courses and shooting at every opportunity.  Out of all the various subjects I shot, it was people that interested me the most, in particular weddings and portraits.  I remember the first wedding I shot (in fact I don’t think I will ever forget it!!!) it gave me such a buzz – it was so fastpaced and a real challenge!!  There was also something really magical about being part of something so special, you could actually feel the love and happiness (yes I know that’s soppy, but it’s true you can!! – as a wedding photographer you spend a lot of time with the bride and groom and you pick up on all the little looks, the touches and basically the love between them)

So the training was done, equipment was purchased, many happy customers under my belt – it was time to give up the day job and go full time as a wedding and portrait photographer………..ahhhhh scary stuff!!…….it really was, I was petrified!!!

However 6 years on and I couldn’t be happier, I’m shooting Portraits and weddings all across the North North East, covering Darlington, Durham, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, North Yorkshire, Northumberland and all other surrounding areas.

Teardrop Photography - North East Wedding Photographers
I have become a qualified member of the Master Photographers Association (that’s where the LMPA comes in after my name – I won’t talk to much about this as I will cover this more in an upcoming blog post)

So I think that’s enough about me (I hate talking about myself!!) I wanted to end this post just letting you know about Teardrop Photography, and what I offer my clients.  I offer wedding and portrait photography accross the whole of the North East and UK, I am a portrait and wedding photographer Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and right across the UK.

My photography style is based around making you look beautiful!! That might sound obvious however there’s a trend at the moment for documentary style photography (just shooting the wedding day totally naturally as things happen) there’s nothing wrong with this – In fact that’s what I do – for parts of the day!!  Such as bridal preparations, ceremony, speeches, reception etc as I like these to flow as naturally as possible shooting your day as it unfolds and just being in the background.  However for that killer portrait shot it’s unlikely you will stand in the best spot, be in the best position or most importantly be in the best, most flattering light – this is where my experience comes in – I will work with you posing you in a way to make you look at your very best!!!  After all, you have spent so much time and money on the perfect dress, perfect suit, venue etc why wouldn’t you want to look beautiful!?!?

Another trend at the moment is digital only packages, with all of your wedding images on DVD or USB – My focus is a little different as I believe nothing compares to printed media.  We are the most photographed generation but in years to come we will have nothing to show for it, as technology changes and moves forward these images will be lost forever!!!  Think of this – if your grandparents wedding was only stored on floppy disk, how would you view the images now?……………….my packages reflect this with most of them focused around albums – but not just any old album, I only use the very best albums – Hand crafted in Italy by Graphistudio.

I hope I’ve given you a good insight into Teardrop Photgraphy and myself (and hopefully you’re still awake and I haven’t bored you to sleep). If you like what you have read and would like to know more than please feel free to get in touch.  If you would like to see my wedding albums I would be happy to arrange a home consultation.  Thank you for reading.






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